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Coronavirus Crash, Money & Survival is a groundbreaking work. No book dealing comprehensively with today’s multiple crises, your money and survival has been written before, so Coronavirus Crash is your must-have read for coping and surviving.

The Coronavirus Crash Book was specifically written for everyday Americans, but is not another boring book about investing, hot new stock picking tips, day trading or financial planning; not at all. There is already plenty of that material available and we don’t need more.

Without a good understanding of money, especially with the negative effects on money from the coronavirus pandemic, we cannot understand nearly well enough the issues surrounding: Politics, banking, simple but critical economics, personal finance, savings and investing, plus retirement and estate planning. We need this understanding of money and all the big things that depend on it to develop a survival plan that is based on a much better knowledge of money in today’s economy and in this high risk, pandemic world.


Coronavirus Crash, Money & Survival


The Book begins by explaining what money is now (simply a massive digital accounting system), what money isn’t, what it was for the last 5,000 years, how it radically changed in form over the last 3 or 4 decades, and what every day, serious challenges and risks there are for this new form of money.

In addition to explaining today’s digital dollar, the Book provides a brief, 5,000 year history of money. Next the book presents two thorough chapters on crypto currency (such as bitcoin), from what it is and how it works, to the incredible benefits that will likely, hopefully come from crypto someday, to how to safely buy, save and use crypto.

One chapter is devoted to identifying the very real and numerous risks that the whole world faces from the digitization of all major national currencies, and further, that the coronavirus pandemic itself has led directly to events which threaten our monetary survival.

Two chapters explain gold’s historic role in money and, though it is still one form of money today it could never meet any nation’s needs as its legal currency in this fast paced, all digital-money world. At the same time, one of the 2 chapters proposes that physical gold can and should be a limited percentage of our individual savings and/or investment portfolios, and why this is crucially important. This chapter then provides detailed information on where and how to buy, save and use gold for that purpose.

Another chapter provides detailed insight into the differences between capitalism and socialism, with a withering exposé of the horrific history and negative aspects of socialism, followed by the outstanding record of capitalism. An appendix is included at Book’s end which provides much more detail on the differences between the two systems, plus a nation by nation explanation on how socialism failed, and/or how free enterprise capitalism succeeded, in each of those nations. 

A chapter on inflation and deflation gives readers an uncomplicated understanding of one of the most basic and important laws of economics. This chapter is written in a way that readers can far more easily recognize and understand important economic trends and see through both bad and good political practices in dealing with the economy. Just as important, this chapter connects this information to everyone’s paycheck and standard of living, or the lack of it, and explains how the coronavirus pandemic will cause a big and negative impact on the value of money and your paycheck.

As a final condemnation of the things that are wrong with and a threat to our money, largely because it is all digital now, Chapter 10 illustrates step-by-step how the Federal Reserve system has taken the dollar down, has repeatedly missed important economic trends and damaged the economy as a result, how the coronavirus pandemic has led the Fed to make monetary matters even worse, and how it’s impossible for any of this ongoing economic damage from the Fed to be rectified with the current banking and monetary system. All this is done without condemning Fed members personally, and instead the chapter informs readers that the Fed is simply doing the best it can with the tools they have and the hand they have been dealt.

Chapter 11 explains how all the constant devaluation of money and the extreme mismanagement of the economy by the Fed, all being made infinitely worse by the coronavirus pandemic, how this can be fixed with a concept this Chapter refers to as a “stable dollar”. By implementing a stable dollar, the economy itself will become long term stable with a great reduction in the frequency and severity of booms, busts and bubbles, with the same positive effects on inflation and deflation and most importantly, with the same positive effects on our personal wealth.

The last chapter (12) focuses on the big picture of getting your life together financially and economically. This is done in a way that best prepares you to survive whatever life brings, which includes the inevitable financial disasters and pandemics of the future.

Chapter 12 does this by drawing on everything the Book has previously laid out, in order to recommend solid and sensible investment, retirement and estate planning strategies, planning which has the best chance of surviving and bearing some amount of prosperity in spite of all the risks, pitfalls and complications the Book has outlined. This last chapter is not about stock picking, stock trading or which stocks you should buy. Instead, the chapter teaches what you need to know before investing in any of stocks, gold, mutual funds, life insurance, real estate, bonds, etc., what you should do and understand to plan for building up savings, and then recommends strategies to take you through to retirement. When you finish this Chapter, if you still want to do stock investing, you will be well armed on how to go about doing it. Alternatively, if you want to save and plan in other ways, this Chapter will help you with that as well.