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Mike Janko is a serial entrepreneur, Chief Investment Officer for a $250 million dollar investment fund, a principal in an investment banking operation, a CEO of two unrelated small businesses and a self-educated economist. Janko has informally studied monetary theory, economics, banking, investing and finance for decades. His extensive knowledge about economics and all things monetary comes through loud and clear in his groundbreaking book, Coronavirus Crash, Money & Survival, published in 2020. You could say that “Mike wrote the book on money”.

From the Author: For the investment banking operation which I am a principal of, I have researched and written numerous bank related legal opinions and research memos for internal bank usage (though I am not an attorney). I wrote a 15 page, complex, Investment Policy and Guidelines governing document and overall investment strategy for the investment fund that I manage. This document has been reviewed and approved many times in certified audits, by multiple attorneys and by the Bank’s regulatory agency.

I have a tremendous amount of experience at researching and writing about highly complex legal, tax, and estate planning matters over a period of thirty years. While I do not have the professional credentials that one might expect, I believe any of the chapters in Coronavirus Crash demonstrate that, though I am self-taught in monetary economics, I am nevertheless a proficient amateur economist.

In the year 2000 I single-handedly researched and wrote a 12 chapter, 200 page training manual which comprehensively covered estate and tax planning topics. This manual was the basis of a certification program, Certified Estate Advisor© (CEA©) which I also created. The CEA program was approved for continuing ed credits in nearly every state of the U.S. for insurance and financial professionals, and by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) organization. Approximately 2,000 copies of the book were sold to financial planners, CPAs and attorneys all across the U.S. for $500 each.

Between 1993 and 2007 I single-handedly researched and wrote a huge trove, a small library full, of legal and tax related research documents, legal and tax related educational material, plus: Formation documentation, corporate bylaws, operating agreements, and trust instruments for the creation of new business entities, trusts, charitable foundations and private annuity trusts. I also wrote training and operating manuals for each of these types of entities regarding how to set up and run these organizations. This material was widely used by CPAs, attorneys and CFPs all across the U.S.

Special Note from the Author: I make no claim at having the formal credentials that one would normally expect from the writer of the Coronavirus Crash book. I am not an economist and have never taken a single class in economics, finance, accounting, or anything else that would qualify me as an expert on any matter in this book. If you said I was an economic nobody, I would agree. But for decades I have informally studied monetary theory, economics, banking, Federal Reserve activities, investing and finance. So, as stated above, I am at least a proficient amateur economist.

Further, in writing this book I realized that, when it comes to the economy and money, it often takes a total outsider like myself to see the forest in spite of all the trees. The insider experts are so focused on the complexity of their jobs, so immersed in the existing economic system and in conventional wisdom, that they often fail to see the big picture or the real picture. I believe that just a chapter or two from “Coronavirus Crash” will readily convince you that I indeed do see the forest and the trees, very clearly.

Now, if only I had more time to…go fishing!